Obama Nominates Indian-American Woman as US Envoy to Chad

Obama Nominates Indian American Woman as US Envoy to Chad pardesi news 1461646864

Indian-American Geeta Pasi, a Foreign Service officer, has been appointed by the US President Barack Obama as the country's next envoy to Chad.

The US President Barack Obama has nominated career foreign service officer Geeta Pasi as the country’s next envoy to the central African nation Chad. Pasi served as US Ambassador to Djibouti from 2011 to 2014. Ms. Pasi, who has served as US Ambassador to Djibouti from 2011 to 2014, is a career member of the Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counsellor. She is at present the Director of the Office of Career Development and Assignments in the Bureau of Human Resources at the Department of State.

President Obama made the announcement along with other key administration posts. "I am pleased to announce that these experienced and committed individuals have decided to serve our country. I look forward to working with them," the US President Obama said in a statement issued by the White House.

Since joining the Foreign Service in 1988, Ms. Pasi has also served at posts in Cameroon, Ghana, India and Romania.

Originally from New York State, Ms. Pasi received her BA from Duke University and a MA in French Studies from New York University. Her foreign languages include French, Hindi, Romanian and German.

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