Museum in the US returns ancient Rama statue belonging to Cambodia

Museum in the US returns ancient Rama statue belonging to Cambodia pardesi news 1461508000

The US museum acquired it 30 years ago, and came to know about it to be stolen only recently after discussions with the Cambodian government.

The Denver Art Museum, in the US has returned to Cambodia an ancient 10th century, statue of the Hindu god Lord Rama stolen from the South East Asian country. The62-inch-tall statue is called the "Torso of Rama", the 10th century sandstone statue sans its head, arms and feet was acquired by the Denver Art Museum 30 years ago. The statue is still missing its head and other body parts. The headless sandstone statue dates back to the 10th Century and was taken from the Koh Ker temple during Cambodia's civil war.

The handover took place in Phnom Penh where officials from the museum handed it over to Cambodian government.

"We are joyful with the torso of Rama returning home," government official Yim Nolson stated.

In May last year, a 10th century stone statue of Hanuman was returned to Cambodia by the US Cleveland Museum of Art. In January,same year a French museum also returned a 7th Century stone sculpture of Harihara, a deity that combines aspects of Vishnu and Shiva, to Cambodia more than 130 years after it was spirited away.  Importantly, Angkor Wat and other mighty cities and temples were built in Cambodia, which was home to the Khmer Empire, a Hindu-Buddhist dynasty.

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