NRIs desire testification via video conferencing

NRIs desire testification via video conferencing pardesi news 1460478183

NRIs with lawsuits in India have informed authorities that they wish to testify by video conferencing, saving on their unnecessary effort and time.

The Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who are involved in lawsuits in India, have requested the authorities to record their statements through video conferencing. These NRIs certainly feel this is most cost-effective possible measure, saving on their unnecessary effort and time. The NRIs feel video conferencing is a cost-effective measure, as they do not have to fly down to India for recording their statements.

Recently a UK-based woman, who had levelled sexual charges against Indian Hockey team Captain Sardar Singh, had inform the police that she would be available to record her statement through video conferencing, and another Canadian NRI woman has also requested her city police that she would join investigation through video conferencing

In domestic courts there are special permissions for litigants and witnesses to testify via telephone or video as opposed to in person, saving on the cost and burden of long-distance travel and increase the information available to the court. It will be interesting whether the authorities will permit this for most NRIs also.

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