'Dancing' tadpoles discovered in India’s Western Ghats

 Dancing tadpoles discovered in India s Western Ghats pardesi news 1460521000

Researchers have discovered a new tadpole that burrows through the sand and lives in complete darkness in stream-beds in the Western Ghats of India.

Researchers have discovered a new, sand-eating dancing tadpole in Indian Western Ghats. The tadpole belongs to the Indian Dancing Frog family Micrixalidae and was documented in a joint expedition by a group of scientists from University of Delhi, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and Gettysburg College, USA.

According to a recently published study on PLOS ONE, an open-access journal, these tadpoles were discovered in the deep recesses of streambeds where they live in complete darkness until they develop into full-grown froglets. The tadpole has muscular eel-like bodies and skin-covered eyes that help burrowing through the gravel beds. It has well-serrated jaw sheaths which may help prevent large sand grains from entering its mouth while feeding and moving through sand. 

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