Pakistan's Indian 'spy' theory raises questions

Pakistan s Indian spy theory raises questions pardesi news 1460298919

'Glaring loopholes' cast doubt over Pakistan's claim that the arrested Indian businessman Kulbhushan Jadhav is a R&AW 'spy'.

The Pakistan armed forces released a videotape purportedly of an alleged R&AW spy and former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, confessing that he funded Baloch insurgents. The six-minute tape raised Opposition calls for Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to shelve the peace process with India.

Indian intelligence officials, however, pointed out that there were several errors in Jadhav’s testimony and asserted that it may have been created out of intimidation. For instance, Jadhav in the video says that he reported to a Joint Secretary in R&AW called Anil Kumar Gupta. However, there is no one by that name at any senior rank in the agency or a position of Joint Secretary, R&AW. Earlier, Jadhav says he “served in the Indian Navy till around 2001 December” soon after the Parliament attack, after he allegedly began gathering domestic intelligence. However, later he claims to be a serving officer in the Navy, scheduled for retirement in 2022.

India’s intelligence agencies suspect that a group named Jaishul Adil is responsible for kidnapping Indian businessman Kulbhushan Jadhav from the Iran-Pakistan border.

A high level assessment compiled by India’s intelligence agencies reveals multiple inconsistencies in the alleged spy video released by Pakistan.

These glaring loopholes raise very serious doubts about the veracity of the claims being made by the Pakistan army to implicate India in fomenting a sectarian insurgency in Balochistan.

By some strange coincidence, Pakistan announced the arrest of Jadhav allegedly working for the RAW in Balochistan around the time the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was visiting Islamabad. Having already lodged a protest with India accusing it of fomenting subversive activities in Balochistan, Pakistan also dragged Iran in the controversy.

Raising objections, the Iranian embassy in Islamabad also issued a terse warning stating, "During past days some section of Pakistani media has spread contents regarding detention of an Indian agent and the matter related to it, which could have negatives implications on the fraternal and friendly atmosphere of Iran and Pakistan". 

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