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The film follows a young, married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in the Indian society.

With 'Ki and Ka', Bollywood has got to the point of being able to place a man willing to be home, knuckle down to dull domestic chores, and wave the flag for ambitious women and progressive men. Ki and Ka Bollywood movie 2016 is a unique story.

Ki and Ka is starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor in lead role is a story based on a couple Kabir and Kia, where the woman focuses on her career, her man likes to stay home, take charge of the household, is the primary caregiver for parents and children.

Ki and Ka is a romantic comedy movie and Arjun and Kareena are sharing the screen together for first time. Arjun Kapoor is playing the role of Kabir Bansal and Kareena is playing the role of Kia. Arjun is the Delhi-based boy and he wants to be like his mother. Kabir believes that being housewife is very hard. Kabir Bansal meets Kia. Kia is a rising corporate star and she is very ambitious. 

They are happy playing footsie, when the jealousy rears its ugly head and the lines Ka and Ki had set up for themselves start to blur. Who will go out? Who will have a public face and high profile? Who will stay in and cook fresh? Will a Ka be happy to be called 'nikamma'? The film evades that problematic one neatly by a too-convenient plot twist, involving Ka's disapproving papa (a permanently sneering Rajit, who is never given the chance to smile through the film) who thunders on about ' 'mards' and, haha, cautionary the 'chhaddi checks'.

Arjun and Kareena give off precious little steam, despite all the cuddling on display. That takes some off the edge of the couple, and then there is the perpetual chatter about men and women, and this is what 'they' do, and this is what 'they' must not do. Kareena is terrific, and Arjun is also endearing. And before one say Abhimaan, there is also Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan featuring in the film, those are certainly the best moments of this film.

In the end, there is no denying that Ki & Ka has a noble concept, the movie isn't either a strong voice against gender stereotyping, but it’s one of its kind in mainstream Hindi film industry, and that makes it more notice-worthy. Also good to see the premise- send a woman out, keep a man in, and reverse gender expectations- on screen: the movie perhaps just needed to have been sharper and deeper.

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