PM Modi's conventional speech in Dubai

PM Modi s conventional speech in Dubai pardesi news 1459247695

During his speech in Dubai, PM has warned people involved in terrorist activities, punishments to follow.

Vibrant and charismatic personality of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi creates magic wherever he goes.
PM Modi's oratory skills has left listeners awe-struck at numerous occasions. He re-created his magic while on his visit to Dubai at Dubai Cricket Stadium.
Indian Prime Minister addressed the audience by saying, "Today in Dubai, I am seeing a mini India."
According to Modi, the reason behind the change in people's outlook towards India is because of the 125 crore people who belong to India.
While addressing the issue of terrorism, he said that there is nothing as good Taliban, bad Taliban, good terror or bad terror. The decision is to be taken by us, whether we support terrorism or humanity.
The joint statement between India and UAE itself is a strong message against terrorism.
Those who are a part or indulge in terrorist activities must be punished. The time has arrived for a fight against terrorism. The main aim is to make India reach new heights and to maintain friendly relations with our neighbouring countries.
Despite numerous flights flying between India and UAE, it took 34 years for an Indian Prime Minister to visit this nation.
Dubai is no longer a mini India. It has now become a mini -world.

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