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John Abraham plays a killing machine in 'Rocky Handsome', impresses with his physique but acting and casting are the major impediment to the movie.

Rocky Handsome is an adaption of the Korean film “The Man from Nowhere” - it delivers perfectly on the stunts and the action sequences however lacks the emotion and feel for the characters.

The story has been written by Ritesh Shah moulding around Goa, and he centered it on drugs, child trafficking, organ trade and other vulnerable activities in the area.

The story revolves around two bruised hearts, 8-year-old friends Naomi (Diya) and Kabir (John), who both lonely and nursing psychological scars and mysterious tragedy. Naomi’s mother is a drug addict-peddler.

John then plays the role of a ruthless killer however unable to show his emotions, also runs a ‘paan shop’ in the area. Neighbor (Nathalia Kaur) who plays a bar dancer and is a single mother, her daughter becomes close to John and calls him Rocky. Certain turn of events fold into Nathalia and her daughter being kidnapped by Drug Kingpin forces John to take follow sequences full of bloody and brutal killings.

Set in Goa, Rocky Handsome seems promising and atmospheric in the beginning. The setting works.  Director Nishikant Kamat has done a perfect job of focusing on John’s strength by showing off his perfectly sculpted body amply in the movie and refrains from giving John more dialogues which is clearly not his forte. Nishikant Kamat’s urge to utilise John Abraham’s ripped physique and expertise at combat scenes for an action thriller is evident. However, Nishikant’s decision to play the mafia ganglord Kevin Pereira doesn’t help the film.

Casting seems to be a major issue as actors don’t look or speak like they belong to Goa.

All the other characters seem to string along in the movie, not leaving an impression to last. The remake does not seem to do any justice to the Korean hit and can be missed.

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