Indo-American man donates $1.5 million for Sikh Education

Indo American man donates 15 million for Sikh Education pardesi news 1459247695

Sikh studies to be taught as a regular course in the University of California, to be named as Bibi Dhan Kaur Sahota.

Harwinder Sahota, an Indian-American cardiologist has donated $1.5 million to the University of California - Irvine, to teach Sikh studies within their school.
Sikh studies will be taught as a regular course in the University of California. Classes in the department are expected to begin in September, 2016.
The department shall be named after Harvinder Sahota's mother, Bibi Dhan Kaur Sahota.
"My mother taught me never to degrade anyone and respect everyone. I still abide by the lessons she taught me as a child. I wanted to honour my mother for the woman she was, and the man she helped me turn out to be", Harvinder Sahota said. 

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