NRI philanthropist disappointed at India’s stingy response to a noble cause

NRI philanthropist disappointed at India s stingy response to a noble cause pardesi news 1459177994

UK NRI, Bobby Grewal, 80, is very disappointed that after he travelled over 2,400 km on foot in a bid to raise money for the PM’s National Relief Fund, he could manage just Rs. 50,000.

The UK-based, NRI Mr. Bobby Grewal, felt disheartened revealing  that after travelling over 2,400 km on foot, he has received stingy response from the general Indian public – realizing that 1.2 billion population of India is perhaps ‘ungenerous’ about donating for a social cause.

The NRI philanthropist was raising funds for a generous and social cause of contributing to PM’s National Relief Fund.  

Chairman of the India-UK Association, Grewal, who is now 80, said that in India he was not able to manage to raise even, 1,000 pounds in the past 150 days, whereas in UK he had raised 85,000 pounds within 5 weeks for Cancer Research, whereas in India he was barely able to manage just Rs. 50,000 for such a benevolent cause as eye donation.

A  NGO based in Nagpur Samadrishti Kshamata Vikas Evam Anusandhan (SAKSHAM), which promotes eye donation has approached him, to undertake this walk to raise funds for the PM’s social schemes. A disappointed Grewal says that with so little money so far, the benefit will be very minimal.

He still hopes that people become more considerate and donate generously and participate in such causes, realizing the importance of such social endeavours. 

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