Indian -origin Ravi Allada and his team discover the Bi-Cycle Mechanism

Indian origin Ravi Allada and his team discover the Bi Cycle Mechanism pardesi news 1459247694

An Indo-American along with his team discovered how an animal's biological clock works.

An Indo -American scientist, along with his team of circadian rhythms expert at Northwestern University in Illinois, discovered how an animal's biological clock wakes it up in the morning and puts it to sleep at night.
In a study of brain circadian neurons that govern and control the daily sleep - wake cycle's timing, doctor Ravi Allada and his team got to know that high sodium channel activity in these neurons at daytime turn the cells on and wake-up animals.
During night, high potassium channel activity turn them off, which make animals sleep.
On further research, Allada was surprised to figure out the same sleep wake mechanism in both flies and mice.
"This suggests the underlying mechanism controlling our sleep - wake cycle is ancient", Allada said.
"And if it is in the mouse, it is likely in humans too", he said.
Gaining more knowledge on this matter could lead to new drug innovations, to cure troubles related to jet lag, shift work and other clock-related issues.
It may even be possible to reset a person's internal clock according to his/her situation.
Researchers have named this process as the 'Bi-cycle Mechanism ' as the two pedals go up and down across the day, conveying important time-related information to the neurons.
The balance between sodium and potassium currents control and govern the circadian rhythms.

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