India aims for 20-percent market share in the IoT emerging sector

India aims for 20 percent market share in the IoT emerging sector pardesi news 1459247822

India aims to capture 20-percent market share in the Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging sector that will be worth $300 billion by 2020.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging sector worth around $300 billion by 2020 and India aims to capture 20% of the global market share.

For India, IoT is considered bringing revolution such as empowering millions in rural areas, leveraged to offer high-quality remote education in high schools across the country, providing medical access to most patients in rural areas with doctors can see and interact with patients in remote telemedicine centres and connecting "humans" to the mainstream. Internet of things is already building considerable traction among the global medical device manufacturers, including the top biggest companies.

According to Shailender Kumar, Oracle India managing director, "It is a surefire way of channeling the benefits of a digital economy to the largest part of the country. IoT will enable delivery of education, health, governance and financial services to otherwise underserved areas".

According to K S Vishwanathan, Vice President of NASSCOM (Industrial Initiative) IoT is driving the fourth wave of industrial revolution dramatically alerting manufacturing, energy, transportation, medical and other industrial sectors while emerging worldwide.

According to Mats Lundquist, chief executive officer at Telenor Connexion, Sweden-based leading enabler of connected business solutions said "We see that India will have a significant growth in IoT connections in the next four-five years”.

The IoT is the idea of connectivity of everyday objects with network – not just computer or mobiles, but cars, washing machines, thermostats, televisions, street lights and just about anything else one can think of.

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