NRI multi-talented actor wins Theatre award again

NRI multi talented actor wins Theatre award again pardesi news 1459247822

The Dubai based writer-director-actor Sanjeev Dixit and the Third Half Theatre have won ‘Short+Sweet’ Dubai‘s 2016 Best Overall Production award, the second time in a row.

In front of a full house at the Madinat theatre Sanjeev’s ten-minute musical epic, the Tragic Queen, took home the top award winning the best overall production, performed by a cast of 18. Dixit also won Best Director for the production. For ‘Treteau’ in 2015, he has also won both awards. Sanjeev also won the best script award.

On receiving the award the multi-talented actor said, “When the thought of putting up a live, original music in ten minutes crossed my mind, I initially dismissed it outright. But the thought wouldn’t go away”.

The Award-winner Dixit acknowledged his team, part of which is his wife Rhea, and said their commitment, energy, and belief, kept the play alive through nail biting weeks leading up to the finals. “A big is owed to the team whose commitment and belief kept the play alive through the nail biting last weeks leading up to the premier”, said Dixit.

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