Indo-American investor awarded for boosting the Indo-US ties

Indo American investor awarded for boosting the Indo US ties pardesi news 1459247819

NRI gets ‘Asians in America’ Award for boosting Indo-US ties

Mr. Mahadhavan Rangaswami, an Indian-American, software executive, investor, and philanthropist, received the inaugural ‘Asians in America’ Award in the US with, in recognition of his efforts to strengthen the Indo-US ties. 

Founder of Indiaspora, Mr. Rangaswami had in 2013 organised the first Indian-American presidential ball before the second swearing in of President Barack Obama. He and his team have now started preparations for the second Indian-American ball for the next president, which is planned for January 18, 2017.

In 2007, he also established Corporate Eco-Forum, an invitation only membership organisation for Global 500 companies, which demonstrates serious environment commitment as its business strategy.

Way back in 1997 Mr. Rangaswami co-founded the Sand Hill Group based in Silicon Valley. It was one of the earliest software ‘angel investing’ firms. For its success, the Forbes magazine even recognised him on its ‘Midas’ list of investors.

Accepting his latest Award Rangaswami said, “Giving back to society is what he enjoys most”, adding that the other thing is “to connect people without expecting anything back. The small but powerful Indian-American community can collectively achieve a lot". 

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