Google, NASA’s new quantum computer is '100 million times faster than your PC’

Google NASA s new quantum computer is 100 million times faster than your PC  pardesi news 1459247817

Google, NASA: Our quantum computer is 100 million times faster than a conventional PC

Putting to rest the debate whether the Quantum Computer has been designed for real, the Google and NASA engineers have announced that they  have been working together on a lightning-fast quantum computer that is 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer at solving complex problems.

Within the NASA compound lays a big black box which is called D-Wave X2 Quantum Computer, acquired by NASA and Google in the year 2013. The D-Wave does perform quantum annealing, and is capable of solving certain types of problems up to 100 million times faster than conventional systems.

The Quantum computing is based on quantum bits or the ‘qubits’. Unlike traditional computers, in which the bits must have a value of either zero or one, a qubit can represent a zero, a one, or both values simultaneously.

According to the Google director of engineering, Hartmut Neven, “For a specific, carefully crafted proof-of-concept problem we achieve a 100-million-fold speed-up”.

However, the sceptics wonders if the computer actually taps into quantum physics to solve algorithms but now Google and NASA say they have proof.

It is a truly disruptive technology that could change how we do everything,” said Deepak Biswas, director of exploration technology at NASA’s Ames research centre in California.

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