Know ‘ReThink’ - An Anti-School-Bullying App invented by the NRI teen

Know ReThink An Anti School Bullying App invented by the NRI teen pardesi news 1459247816

ReThink is a non-intrusive, patented software product developed as an anti-school bullying revolutionary system by a NRI teen.

The world is currently in the midst of a technology revolution, with around 1.8 billion teens around the globe, and technology is increasingly at the hands of every adolescent. Therefore, in the current digital age where anyone can post anything on his or her social media accounts, cyber bullying has become a major concern. But what if the user was forced to rethink his or her message before posting it for the world to see - ‘ReThink’, in one such Anti-School-Bullying App invented by a NRI teen.

In 2014, Trisha Prabhu invented an anti-school bullying system ‘ReThink’. ReThink is a non-intrusive, patented software product that helps mitigating the cyber bullying. The App’s main purpose is to detect rude and offensive language that may be part of messages teens send on the social network.

The software scans messages and prompts a warning, one of which says “Is this message worthy of you?”. Trisha ran 1,500 trials and found when young people received a ReThink prompt the youngsters changed their minds over 90% of the time.

In 2014, Trisha was a Google Science Fair finalist, and from then on she has received numerous awards and introduced her project to the White House, also in several universities, including the famous TED conference.


As founder and CEO of ReThink, Inc., Trisha hopes to implement the slogan “ReThink” in all middle and high schools. Some high schools have already adopted the slogan to help stop cyberbullying in the US.  

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