Know the NRI who worked on the Oscar winning ‘Inside Out’

Know the NRI who worked on the Oscar winning Inside Out  pardesi news 1459247815

The movie “Inside Out”, was recently named as the Best Animated Feature Film at the 88th Academy Awards held in Los Angeles.

Sajan Skania worked as the character supervisor in the American 3D computer-animated comedy drama adventure film “Inside Out”, which was recently won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film

An employee at Pixar, Sajan, who currently lives in San Francisco, worked as the character supervisor in the movie. Although he did not go up on stage to receive the award, his parents say he was excited about attending the event. “Even as the previous films he has worked in {Cars and Finding Nemo} were nominated and won awards, this is the first time he is attending the event.”

Skania who hails from Thiruvananthapuram, did his computer science from the Regional Engineering College, the National Institute of Technology in Kozhikode (or Calicut). He was then lifted to the animation industry, and he has not looked back since. He now works with the acclaimed Pixar Animation Studio, an ancillary of the Walt Disney Company.  

I have a team of modellers, riggers, shading artistes, tailors and groomers working with me….We take the artwork that the artistes and the director come up with, and create them on the computer. One of the biggest pleasures of our part of the job is to be the first to see Pixar’s amazing characters come to life. I work with the other entire department and the production team to make sure our character turn out looking great,” he said. The excited parents said that they woke up early in the morning to watch the Oscars.

Skania has also worked on seven Hollywood films, including the lately the Oscar winning movie the ‘Inside Out’.

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