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The only real point of interest in Jai Gangaajal is the presence of Priyanka Chopra, who is of late flying high internationally. The movie has a predictable storyline, but with few good cast performances.

Jai Gangaajal, is sequel of 2003 hit movie starring Ajay Devgun’s Gangaajal. However, according to the film critics, the Jai Gangaajal isn’t half the film which Gangaajal was. And that isn't attributable merely to the uneasy transition from Ajay Devgun to Priyanka Chopra. Jai Gangaajal isn't strictly a sequel because neither its characters nor its plot take off from where the previous film left.

The movie is set up in a fictional village ruled by powerful goons, a trademark of Prakash Jha movie where a good cop comes to clear up the mess. This hackneyed cop drama showcases an upright woman in uniform takes on not only a powerful politician but also an entire system that is loaded against the weak and the dispossessed.

Jai Gangaajal also goes beyond the issue of policing and straddles several other themes land acquisition, agrarian distress, political skulduggery and systemic corruption. As a result, the film seems at times to have chewed off more than it can digest. Priyanka Chopra portrays the role of Superintendent of Police Ms. Abha Mathur, a fierce policewoman who is determined to make the city a safe place. She brings justice to the character by putting a grim look throughout the movie and delivering the dialogues with conviction.

The director Prakash Jha makes his first appearance in the movie as a bad cop, Bhola Nath Singh who has a change of heart after seeing the work of his superior. He eases into the character and gives a great performance. Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Jha keep one engaged throughout the movie however predictable story line is its major drawback.


One can watch the movie, as an ardent fan of the bollywood actress, who is now busy with the international appearances, one will find her in a different shades. To say the least, Jai Gangaajal is mainly for Priyanka Chopra fans!

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