Australian Sikh boy assaulted on bus for wearing turban

Australian Sikh boy assaulted on bus for wearing turban pardesi news 1459247813

A young Sikh boy age, who was travelling on a bus in Melbourne, Australia, was recently assaulted, mocked, and threatened for wearing a turban.

In yet another incident of a suspected racist attack in Australia, a 13-year-old Sikh school boy, travelling in a Melbourne bus, was assaulted, mocked and threatened to be stabbed for wearing a turban.

The boy, Harjit Singh was travelling in a bus with his friends when two men and a woman seated at the back of the bus came to him and started abusing him. These people believed to also be in their teens, assaulted and mocked the young boy repeatedly.

The woman kept on calling his ‘Turban’ a towel and demanded to know why he is wearing it on his head. She tried to remove the turban of the head of the terrified boy. The even threatened to stab him, and his turban was pulled off in the attack.

The torment continued until Harjit got off the bus early with school friends, who were also in tears. One of their mothers drove Harjit home.

Harjit’s mother Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Gill said  “the girl pushed my son’s turban with her elbow. My son moved from his seat to get further away from them and they followed him and sat behind him again. This time, the girl pushed him hard and tried to remove his turban again. My son was scared and he asked them to stop but they laughed at him and said there aren’t that many stabbings in Eltham”, adding that she is now scared for the boy’s safety on the bus.

The incident took place on 23 February. The three involved in the attack are being sought by the Melbourne police. The police say they are investigating the reports of the incident that was a suspected racial attack. 

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