US Sikhs raise $400,000 for campaign to propagate their religion, creating more awareness

US Sikhs raise 400 000 for campaign to propagate their religion creating more awareness pardesi news 1459247812

Sikhs in US raise $400,000 to campaign about their religion, the initiative initiative is against a backdrop of increasing hate crimes against the community members.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Sikhs in the United States have raised a record-breaking $400,000 (£286,000, €364,000) for a national media campaign that aims to generate awareness and understanding about the Sikh religion. This initiative is against a backdrop of increasing hate crimes against the community. The project is started by the National Sikh Campaign.

This is the first time; that Sikhs have raised this amount of money to spread the awareness about their faith in America. Previous record is of USD 90,000 in NSC's Los Angeles Gala in 2015. The project is started by the National Sikh Campaign

The fundraiser marks the highest amount of money invested into a campaign to raise awareness about the Sikh faith. The money is expected to be spent on an extensive media campaign that will include TV adverts and national press coverage. Additionally, the organisation hopes to conduct research that will explore misconceptions towards the Sikh community and aim to establish how to challenge the existing attitudes.

Rajwant Singh, co-founder of the National Sikh Campaign said ‘We Sikhs need to change the narrative and present the correct image of who we are and how we are totally integrated into American society and not just as victims’. According to Kaval Kaur, national charter member of NSC, "This is a historic moment in the history of the Sikh community in America. Never before have we had the opportunity to tell our story to our story to our fellow Americans around the country and that time has come now".

Among the attendees were prominent Sikh entrepreneurs, leading Silicon Valley IT professionals, Medical doctors, owners of trucking companies and officials of several gurdwaras in the area.

Sadly there have been a number of incidents of attacks and discrimination against the community in America.    

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