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Almond harvest makes for enchanting sight in Kashmir valley

Almond harvest makes for enchanting sight in Kashmir valley pardesi news 1459247497

The onset of spring brings the pleasant weather and valley is full of beautiful flowers and celebrations with music, song and gaiety is in the air.

After the long chilly spell of winters, spring is in full bloom in the Kashmir valley. The arrival of the springs is celebrated with music, song and gaiety.

The beautiful almond trees, popularly known as the ‘Badamwari’, are filled with white and pink flowers presenting a spectacular view to the tourists. It is equally popular among the locals and the tourists who throng the almond gardens to see the beautiful sight and click photographs.

Tourists from all over India are awestruck by the beauty of nature at its best in the spring and can be seen clicking pictures delighted with friends and relatives.

"It is very important that the weather and climate has to be good for tourism in Kashmir. Fortunately, tourists come here and enjoy the weather," said a tour operator, Imtiyaz Ahmad.

According to Sharmista Patil, a tourist from Mumbai, "We are taking back the memories of those white almond flowers. The gardens and flowers here are so pretty that we feel like coming back again”.

Importantly, Jammu and Kashmir contributes around 3% to the national fruit produce.

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