Kamala Harris in Race for the First Indian-American Senator

Kamala Harris in Race for the First Indian American Senator pardesi news 1459247811

The California Democrats have overwhelmingly endorsed Kamala Harris for US Senate, solidifying her front-runner status in the race to become California's next Senator. If elected, she will be the first Indian-American Senator in the US.

California's attorney general Miss Kamala Harris, 51,  may become the first Indian-American senator in the US Congress for which she will compete in the June primary along with Republicans Duf Sundheim and Tom Del Beccaro and Democrats Loretta Sanchez.

The top two vote-getters will then face each other in November for the Senator position.

She became the front runner in the election campaign after she won Democratic Party's endorsement for the seat. If won, she will be replacing the current Senator Barbara Boxer, who is retiring soon.

Harris and Loretta Sanchez were competing for their party's approval, attorney general won 78% of delegates' votes surpassing the 60% endorsement threshold.

Wining those major votes will help her get the critical financial banking as well as showcase her as a credible contender. It allows the party to spend on her behalf in the traditional ways such as mailers, phone-banking and precinct walks and provides Harris the right to use its desired seal of approval in the campaign.

Miss Harris, born in Oakland, is the daughter of an Indian mother who emigrated from Chennai in 1960 and a Jamaican-American father.

If elected in November, Miss Harris will make history by becoming the first ever US Senator of Indian-origin.

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