With Parliament ‘ON’ - Indian PM tweets “Let’s walk shoulder to Shoulder and Work For the country”

With Parliament ON Indian PM tweets Let s walk shoulder to Shoulder and Work For the country  pardesi news 1459247810

Indian PM urged opposition to cooperate and work for strengthening the country.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently tweeted “Let’s wallk shoulder to Shoulder and Work For the country”, thus requesting the opposition parties to work in tandem for benefit of the nation. The Indian PM has time and again urged the opposition to let the parliament function smoothly for the benefit of people.

In a motion of thanks to President Pranab Mukherjee’s opening address to the budget session of parliament, Modi knocked down the opposition’s arguments libelous of its party and the government.  The Prime Minister also gave an apt reply to the opposition party including the main opposition the Indian National Congress party, after its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi vociferiously attacked the Prime Minister’s credibility of work in the last two years.

Addressing parliament the PM thanked the President for the speech on the opening day of budget session. He quoted the former PMs and the Congress Leaders such as Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, in order to urge the opposing parties to help in fruitful sessions in the Parliament.  “House is a place where debates are to take place, but if boundaries are maintained during a debate then it is fruitful,” the Indian PM quoted former prime minister, late Rajiv Gandhi.

He urged requiring to work together to build a strong nation and common people have more representation in the house if the bills are properly reviewed and passed in the ongoing session.

The common people flooded compliments on the twitter for Prime Minister’s stand on the attitude of opposing parties in the Parliament. However, there were also several criticizing that even after two years in house, he still speaks like an opposition and not the leader.

However, only time will tell if the Parliament will be able to function properly, however the Indian PM tried to ensure that he be heard in the session and he wants the house to work effectively, more for the betterment of entire nation.

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