Tere bin laden: dead or alive—the sequel comes with an attached tagline to the original title.

Abhishek Sharma came up with a very different satirical side on the Osama Bin Laden in his last film Tere Bin Laden in the year 2010. The movie was much appreciated then because of its contemporary script and ambrosial humour. Sensibly the script is framed to fit the terrorist leader’s murder, this time the bin laden lookalike (Pradhuman Singh) is a leader of a militant outfit and is wanted by the US.

Presently, he has come up with a new star cast except Laden (Piyush Sharma) for the sequel of his film which stars Manish Paul, Sikandar Kher, Pradhuman Singh.

The story revolves around Sharma (Manish Paul) who in search of a better profession quits his successful 'halwai' business and makes his first film, Tere Bin Laden. Having earned fortune with the first film, Sharma looks to cash in by repeating the same formula. However, Osama’s encounter by the US government shattered his plans. Also, both FBI and a Mujhahideen organisation are hunting for the look alike of Osama.

The sequel is unable to live up-to the expectations of Abhishek Sharma’s ( director) last movie and it seems to be lacking sharp writing skills. The storyline revolves round everywhere and ‘somewhere in somewhere’ till it gets confused with all the action happening around. The humour is also low, and an array of jabs and laugh out moments have been strung together to make a film.

The only man who has turned out a surprise in the film is Sikander Khan, with his perfect comic timings and ease of portrayal of characters both as Obama’s man, David and Hollywood’s Punjabi producer Chaddha. He is almost unrecognisable with his make-up on and huge pot belly, he dons the character of a Punjabi with the perfect accent. His wit throughout the movie saves the scenes from being too stretched.

From the original a few actors have been included. Ali Zafar has a cameo, playing an arrogant bollywood hero. Manish Sharma, who plays Abhishek Sharma, the director. Sikander Kher joins the team playing a pot bellied producer from Hollywood, David Chaddha. 

Ali Zafar who in his brief appearance at the beginning, does an entertaining parody number, “ six pack abs” and his comedy is refreshing and reminds you of the prequel.


The movie is entertaining in parts but lacks the appeal of a super hit movie, the second half seems far too stretched.

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