Know the Selfless Acts - To Save Farmers, One Has Reduced Cost Of Daughter’s Wedding, Other Donates 40% Of His Monthly Salary

Know the Selfless Acts To Save Farmers One Has Reduced Cost Of Daughter s Wedding Other Donates 40percent Of His Monthly Salary pardesi news 1459247805

The plight of farmers in Maharashtra is well-known. In a rare welcome gesture few people have decided to start small donations towards the farmers, one has even downsized their daughter's wedding.

Recently, the Vadkes from Thane downsized their daughter's wedding and donated Rs 6 lakh to two villages in Jalna and Nanded.

The Vadkes went one step forward in the kind gesture by bringing down the cost of celebration of her daughter’s wedding by 6 lakhs and donating the same money to the farmers of two drought-affected villages in Marathwada, Maharashtra.  The money will be used to desilt and widen rivers that run along these villages so that they are ready to accommodate more water during the monsoon.

He visited the villages regularly and was actively involved in the welfare organization -Gram Vikas wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) along with his wife.

They cut back on things  like decorations on the marriage of their daughter Jaai, a bio-informatics graduate with  Tejas, a fighter pilot on December 24 after which the sum was personally handed over to the villagers. Besides, Railway engineer from Parel, Biman Biswas, has also been donating almost 40% of his salary every month to farmers who live more than 700 km away. He has decided to start small donations towards the farmers and seeing the difference it made became actively involved in their plight

Biswas is very emotional and determined to help the farmers, he urges people that Rs. 5,000 is all that it takes to keep a farmer from committing suicide. “It’s a matter of small donations and we can save them. More and more people should start adopting families of farmers who are in need”, says Biswas. We must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives, like the farmers.

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