A third generation Indian-origin Sikh appointed Kuala Lumpur Police Chief

A third generation Indian origin Sikh appointed Kuala Lumpur Police Chief pardesi news 1459247805

An Indian-origin Sikh has been appointed the Police Commissioner of the Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, the highest police rank achieved by a Sikh in the Muslim-majority country.

Deputy Commissioner Sardar Amar Singh has been appointed the police commissioner of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. This is the highest police rank achieved by a Sikh in the Muslim majority country. In his late 50’s, Amar Singh, Deputy Commissioner, will succeed Tajuddin Mohamed, who will be posted from next month onwards, to federal headquarters as the deputy director of commercial CID. The highest police rank previously achieved by a Sikh was senior assistant commissioner I when Santokh Singh became Selangor CPO.

Mr. Singh, is a third-generation policeman from his family, and has achieved the highest ever rank by a Malaysian Sikh. Both his father and maternal grandfather were policemen. 

Amar graduated in B.Sc from University of Malaya and did his LLB from the University of Buckingham, the UK. He has also done a Diploma in Sharia Law.

His maternal grandfather Bachan Singh was a constable who joined the Malay State Police force during the early 1900s. Singh’s father, Ishar Singh also joined the Federated Malay States Police in 1939. As a pioneer member of the police jungle squad established during the Emergency; Ishar Singh joined a year after coming to Malaya from Punjab.

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