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Fresh Leads Developed On Indian Techie’s Murder in Australia

Fresh Leads Developed On Indian Techie s Murder in Australia pardesi news 1459247803

The gruesome murder of Ms. Prabha Arun Kumar who was on a three year deputation by Mind Tree Company in Australia, which has shattered her family, has developed some fresh leads in the ongoing investigation.

After questioning over 2,000 people and 250 recorded statements the investigators have uncovered a fresh lead in the mysterious murder of 41-year-old Indian woman, Prabha Arun Kumar. According to investigation, the suspect is probably someone in India, who has played a key role in the killing.

"We have considered the possibility that an offender had (helped commit or been involved with) this crime outside of Australia," stated the Australian Detective Sergeant Ritchie Sim.

Inspite of speaking to every possible resident of the area and canvassing it four times, the police is unable to find the murder weapon.

Investigators said that they are exploring all the aspects of Ms Kumar's life and people associated with her. They have ruled out that sexual assault and robbery are motives in the murder. "Because Prabha was an Indian National, the geographical distance between our two countries is an obstacle," Mr Sim said.

The investigation authorities are said to be working closely with authorities in India, where Ms Kumar and the rest of her family live.

Last year in March, Ms. Prabha Arun Kumar, an Indian IT consultant working in Australia, was stabbed repeatedly to death in Australia. While walking down a dimly lit path in New South Wales Paramatta park, which was barely 300 meters away from her home, she was suddenly attacked a with the killer fatally stabbed in the neck. "I think I've been stabbed," she last told her husband as she collapsed. Recently, a Memorial Plaque in the honour of slain Indian techie was also unveiled in Australia.

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