Britain to reportedly quit EU over migrant issue

Britain to reportedly quit EU over migrant issue pardesi news 1459247802

Britain is reportedly to quit EU over migrant issue - According to an opinion poll “A MAJORITY” of British voters want Britain to quit the EU.

In a survey, about fifty-one percent of   people who expressed a firm opinion, in which more than 10,000 adults supported exit from European Union. It also spread that the European migrant crisis meant 45.5 percent of voters were more likely to back withdrawal from the EU. In a deal last month, to allow visa-free access to the EU for the Turkish citizens, a massive 58.8 percent of voters believe that the Prime Minister and the other   European leaders were wrong.

The European migrant crisis was a major factor when it came to know how people saw the UK’s future in Europe and it will come as sheer alarm to David Cameron as to the depth of public frustration with Brussels. To win a new EU deal in his strive Mr. Cameron prepares for crux talks with European leaders conducted by polling firm, expressed in an exclusive survey.

A summit to be held will release his proposal to curb the welfare claimed by EU migrants and release Britain from the drive to “ever closer union” will be the subject of detailed discussion. Cameron will demand to ban EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits, such as tax credits, for four years from their arrival in the UK. 

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