NRI found guilty of bigamy in the UK

NRI found guilty of bigamy in the UK pardesi news 1459247801

An Indian-origin man has been found guilty of bigamy by a UK court

An Indian-origin man, Wilfred Souza, 35, has been found guilty of bigamy by the Feltham Magistrates Court in west London, UK court after he confessed to marrying a second time in London despite having a wife back in Goa, India. The accused was handed punishment of one year conditional discharge and ordered to pay a fine of 100 pounds.

Souza married his first wife Ms Ezmy in Goa in 2012, but left to live in the UK in 2013 to study and look for work. He soon started avoiding his wife’s calls as she kept asking him when he was going home. In 2015, he married Seiza Colaco who is also originally from Goa, without getting his former wife a divorce. The first wife found out and alerted the UK authorities of Souza’s crime.

The accused lawyers said the reason for the second marriage was that Ms Colaco fell pregnant and there was huge cultural pressure on him to get married. He said the couple is keen to move on and try to get the divorce sorted out in India.

Under conditional discharge the offender is released, but his offence is registered on a criminal record. No further action is taken unless they commit a further offence within a time frame of around three years.

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