US NRI techie jailed for sending malware to ex-employer

US NRI techie jailed for sending malware to ex employer pardesi news 1459247801

An Indian-origin techie was jailed for sending malware to his previous company in the US, causing financial losses.

A 33-year-old Indian-origin techie, Nikhil Nilesh Shah has been sentenced to over two years in jail and ordered to pay a fine of over $300,000 in fine for sending a malware (or malicious software) to his former employer's servers, causing financial losses. 

According to the plea agreement, from 2007 to 2012, Shah was an information technology manager at a company in North Carolina that developed platforms for the creation of mobile applications. He admitted that the same year, when he left the company to join another tech firm and he sent malicious computer code to the company’s computer servers in Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina, deleting much of its Intellectual Property (IP). Importantly, sending malware is a criminal offense, which falls under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the US.

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