Indian Nationals threatened over phone calls in New Zealand

Indian Nationals threatened over phone calls in New Zealand pardesi news 1459247693

Indian origin people living in New Zealand are threatened by certain scammers over the phone.

Indian Nationals in New Zealand are being threatened by certain scammers, who call them posing as immigration officials and demand money. The concerned authorities warned Indians residing in New Zealand not to fall in the trap of this phone scam.
The callers tell Indian Nationals that there is an issue with the processing of their visa and demand money to correct the same. They are also asked to deposit the money into a Western Union Account or otherwise face serious consequences like deportation.
The phone numbers being used to call flash up as the Immigration Contact Centre, but have a slight variation in the digits.
The New Zealand Immigration department has made a statement saying, “These phone calls are not from INZ, and people are being warned not to pay the money and instead report the call to the police. We will never demand payment over the phone.”
The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment said that the callers were aggressive and authoritative and most of the times had details about the person they had called, which made them seem genuine.
More than one lakh Indian origin people reside in New Zealand.

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