Indian PM touches feet of 104-Year-Old woman who encouraged ‘Swach Mission’ in her village

Indian PM touches feet of 104 Year Old woman who encouraged Swach Mission in her village pardesi news 1459247800

Indian PM Modi touches feet of 104-yr-old woman who sold her goats to build toilets.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lauded the efforts of 104-yr-old woman who sold her goats to build toilet. In a wonderful gesture of expressing his respect and subservience the Indian PM even bowed down touching her feet and seeking blessings.

Kunwarn Baiunwar Bai from Kotabharri village was felicitated by the Indian PM at the launch of 'Rurban Mission' in the state's Naxal-hit Rajandgaon district in Chhattisgarh. Indian PM Modi said she took the initiative to make her village open defection free, which is a huge step towards a better India.

An old woman, who is not educated and does not have access to media, when heard about SWACH BHARAT MISSION, got encouraged to build two toilets at her house by selling her goats.

As she did not have the means to complete the construction, she sold her goats to get the lavatories made. In a process also encouraged her village people to get the lavatories made in each house.Now every home in the village has toilets.

PM Modi, who was in Chhattisgarh to launch the ambitious Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban (rural-urban) Mission touched her feet and asked for her blessings.

Hailing the unique efforts of the elderly woman, Modi says, "An elderly woman of 104 years who stays in a remote village, does not watch TV or read papers, but the message of building toilets under clean India mission somehow reached her. She sold off her goats to build toilet at home and also encouraged others from the village to build".

Calling it as a major change taking place at the roots of the country, the Indian PM said, “The country is changing. It seems when a woman at a remote village makes efforts to fulfill dream of clean India mission, she is an inspiration for everyone, especially youths”.

I would like to tell media that you don’t cover me but spread the story of this woman all over the country,” the PM urged. 

Four clusters of villages in Rajnandgaon, Dhamtari, Bastar and Kabirdham districts of the Chhattisgarh state will be developed in the first stage of the Rurban Mission that intends to bridge the rural-urban divide by bringing civic and infrastructural amenities to villages.

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