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Married For 81 Years: Indian-Origin Couple Awarded in NZ

Married For 81 Years Indian Origin Couple Awarded in NZ pardesi news 1459247798

Great news! Indian weddings are not just big and fat in terms of celebrations and spending, but also in their astounding success rate and endurance.

Married for nearly 81 years, an Indian-origin couple now residing in Auckland JeramRavji and his wife Ganga Ravji have been awarded the title of New Zealand's longest-married couple by lobby group Family First.  

They were betrothed at the age of six and got married at the age of 19. The couple moved to Whanganui New Zealand in the year 1953 before moving to Auckland in 1981. The couple gives the credit of their 81 years long marriage to the ability to give sacrifices and stand together through good or bad situations. The Ravjis said they love each other just as much now as they always have.

The couple, whose family includes six children, 15 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren, all living in Auckland, New Zealand. The Family First will be taking their complete family photo as part of their reward; the last family photo was taken 10 years ago.

Although we can only go on the nominations made, we are pretty sure that the Ravjis are New Zealand’s longest—married couple”,  informed Family First spokesperson.

Mr. Ravji also took part in the Indian freedom struggled and was imprisoned for 10 months once. The couple was beaten up several times by the police when she went to ask for the whereabouts of her husband.  Interestingly, despite fighting the British rule in India, Ravjis said they were looking forward to receiving their letter from the British Queen when they turn 100 this year. Mr. Jeram will turn 100 in May and Mrs. Ganga will reach 100 in June, this year.

We all congratulate the couple, surely what a wonderful achievement!

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