India third most disaster prone in 2015, says the UN research report

India third most disaster prone in 2015 says the UN research report pardesi news 1459247798

India has been ranked third among the top five most disaster-hit countries in 2015, the hottest year on record, having suffered 2,800 people deaths and Rs. 22,000 crore economic damage.

The 2015 has been the hottest year on record which led to death of more than 2,800 people. Also, there has been economical damage worth Rs. 22,000 crore. According to a study released by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), India has suffered 10 disasters in 2015, maximum after China and US respectively. China suffered a total of 26 disasters and US suffered a total of 22 disasters. According to the same report, the Asia-Pacific region is the world's most disaster prone part.

Mr. Robert Glasser, the head of UN research study said that 2015 has been the hottest year on record and this information has been confirmed by weather departments. It has also confirmed that the mercury level rose to highest of all- time leading to further climate-related disasters. He also said that, nowadays climate related disasters and natural hazards have been the trend. The heat of last year affected almost 98.6 million people.  Other disasters affecting the region include floods, tropical storms and droughts. The report calls them as 'silent killers'. 

Reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to climatic change are the only ways to survive in such changed scenarios now. Mr. Glasser further warned for earthquakes and requested country to lead to ensure compliance with it. Nepal earthquake was on the list of his examples given during his speech over climatic issues.

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