Indian-origin Malaysian declared innocent of drug smuggling charges

Indian origin Malaysian declared innocent of drug smuggling charges pardesi news 1459247692

Indian-origin Malaysian declared innocent of drug smuggling charges.

A Malaysian of Indian origin has been cleared off with drug smuggling charges after the high court declared that he did not know anything about the drugs found in the car he was driving. He spent 3 years and 7 months in custody, waiting for a decision to be made regarding his innocence.
After hearing the appeal of the accused,the judge said that the events stated by him are true and convincing.The judge exclaimed that it was wrong on the part of the investigating officers that they did not see the underlying truth in the story.
In June 2013, Veeramani Manikam was taken into custody and was marked guilty by the district court.He was charged for a case in which he had no representation and spent the last 3 years and 7 months in custody.
Manikam was arrested in December 2011 after a bag was found in his car.The bag had 2 wrapped bundled of Cannabis and Nimetazepam drug which is used to treat insomnia.
Manikam in his defence said that a person called Singer asked him to help him return to Singapore. He borrowed the car from a colleague and Singer drove it to Singapore as Manikam had been drinking heavily that night and even had to drive it back.
Manikam fell asleep on the way and was woken up by a Malaysian policeman .He was all alone in the car at that time.
The officers found drugs under the car's floor mats and then further investigation followed.

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