US return Software Engineer Becomes ‘Messiah’ to small town Mandya farmers

US return Software Engineer Becomes Messiah to small town Mandya farmers pardesi news 1459247796

Madhuchandan, a software engineer from the US is making farmers richer, by setting up the Mandya Organic Farmers' Cooperative Society in Karnataka.

We have heard stories of people migrating to the US and carve a brilliant future for themselves. This is the story of a man who gave up his lucrative job in the US, became an organic farmer and guided economically ailing farmers of his area to grow organic crops.

Madhuchandan SC, a software engineer, was running his own software company Verifya, in San Jose, a few years ago. This firm's software is now used all over the world. He wanted to contribute in making a difference to India, he and his wife decided to shift in their thirties rather than wait until retirement.

They settled in Mandya, in Karnataka, where the farmers have been struggling financially to get sustainable crops. Madhuchandan set up the Mandya Organic Farmers' Cooperative Society in 2015, with the aim of bringing organic farming to the forefront again. Few farmers were already growing organic crop however were unable to get the right price in the market.

Madhuchandan feels that farmers have native wisdom on growing crops and seasons effect on crops however they are mislead to use pesticide to increase the yield. The membership fee to join the cooperative is Rs. 1,000. The Society, which started with 270 farmers, has now grown to include 350 farmers.

They have also opened an organic zone in the Bengaluru-Mysore highway which has a supermarket, an organic food restaurant, and an oil extraction mill. The response has been overwhelming, as it pulls lot of urban crowds travelling on the highway.

Madhuchandan is optimistic of the future of organic farming and urges that people should invest in organic food rather than investing the double of that amount in medicines.

He also runs a program which encourages individuals to come and join them in the fields for a day. It has been a complete turnaround for Madhu, who has worked in countries like Israel, the UK, the Philippines, Africa and the US for the last 15 years.

He says that working out in fields will be more fulfilling than burning calories in the gym. Farmers in Mandya are thankful to Madhuchandan and give their full support in his vision of Better India.

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