Aamir Khan - the only Bollywood Khan, who lacks an endorsement!

Aamir Khan the only Bollywood Khan who lacks an endorsement  pardesi news 1459247794

Though Aamir Khan has made statements on intolerance being misunderstood, he remains the only Bollywood Khan presently lacking any endorsement.

Aamir Khan who was once the most expensive celebrity endorser in India is said to be the only ‘Khan’ in Bollywood who is presently not promoting any brand. Such was the might of brand of Mr. Perfectionist or Mr. PK, as Aamir Khan is fondly called as that the actor was commanding the price he wanted and walked away with it too, without any fuss or negotiation. In 2013, his Godrej endorsement deal was of mind boggling price of Rs 88 crore.

However, the times have changed now. Last month the tourism ministry dropped Khan as brand ambassador of its ‘Incredible India’ campaign and replaced him with Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. Recently the ecommerce company Snapdeal also decided not to renew Khan’s contract as brand ambassador, probably because of Khan’s comments in November about rising intolerance in India, which led to a maelstrom of protest by the supporters of the government and a campaign of denigration against the actor. However, according to the actor associate the Snapdeal contract had nothing to do with Khan’s comments as Aamir’s contracts are usually of one year duration. People close to the star also say that he is presently lacking any endorsement because the actor has been very selective in choosing the brands he endorses, and he takes on only one assignment at a time. He is however in talks with some brands.

Aamir’s comment on intolerance led to an uproar on social media (with divided opinions), the debate intensified and Aamir faced backlash from certain political parties, some people called even him anti-national. However, later the actor did clarified that he never meant that he wanted to leave India, and asserted that he was ‘born here and will die here’. In his clarification statement he said ‘He is a proud Indian’ and does not need any one’s permission or endorsement for that, and to all the people who shouted obscenities at him for speaking his heart out, it saddened him to say they were only proving his point. He also said the media was to some extent responsible for the misunderstanding. 

Whatever the case may be, Aamir Khan remains the only 'Khan' in Bollywood who is presently not promoting any endorsement.    

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