3 Indians in Custody for exploiting foreign students in Australia

3 Indians in Custody for exploiting foreign students in Australia pardesi news 1459247692

3 Indian businessman im Custody for exploiting foreign students in Australia

3 Indian businessmen were recently arrested on the charges of ill-treating and taking advantage of foreign students in Australia. Together, they ran a recruitment firm in Australia through which they supplied staff to the government owned Australia Post.
The Australian Federal Police and Border Force Officers carried out raids in Melbourne, after conducting a nine month long investigation. Baljit 'Bobby' Singh, Mukesh Sharma and Rakesh Kumar were arrested. Bobby's Ferrari car was also confiscated.
Bobby was the head of the association and also ran two government subsidised training colleges in Victoria.
Bobby, along with his associates, tempted Indian students into Australia on a certain contract with Australia Post at below standard wages as delivery staff.
Bobby Singh, who owns St. Stephen Institute of technology in Melbourne, was arrested from his residence. Meanwhile, Rakesh, one of the directors of St. Stephen, and Mukesh, who owns Symbiosis Institute of technical education in Footscray, were taken into custody in different raids.
John Doyle, Victorian secretary of the posties', said that she believed the Indian students who are currently working full-time illegally, should still be allowed to work 20 hours a week.
Australia Post announced that it has cancelled all previous contracts with Mr Singh.

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