Tamil Nadu’s ‘Dawood’ wants to return home to face the law

Tamil Nadu s Dawood wants to return home to face the law pardesi news 1459247789

Don Sridhar, Tamil Nadu’s most wanted man, who police describe as the “Dawood Ibrahim of Tamil Nadu” wants to return home to face the law, if assured a fair trial.

Sridhar Dhanapalan, 43, whom Police officers describe as the “Dawood Ibrahim of Tamil Nadu”, in an exclusive online video interview, has said that he is ready to return to India and face legal proceedings if he is assured of a “fair trial”. Don Dhanapalan claimed that his advisors told him he would be targeted by police once he returned to India. He said, “I do not want to be killed. I haven’t taken a decision yet about my return to India”.

According to a senior state police officer, “Among the 20 criminals who are on our list, he is the most wanted now. He has the distinction of being the only rowdy on the list”.

Don Sridhar aka Sridhar Dhanapalan, is presently based in the Gulf and runs a real estate mafia near Chennai worth several crores.

He has around 40 odd cases registered against him, including seven murder cases, and who was once an illicit arrack seller.

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