Know the Australian NRI boy - whose organs help 4 Indians get fresh shot at life

Know the Australian NRI boy whose organs help 4 Indians get fresh shot at life pardesi news 1459247788

An Australian boy who pestered his father to list him as an organ donor after learning about it at school will save the lives of four people after he died on a family holiday in India. He became the youngest organ donor in India after his family donated his heart, kidneys and liver following his death.

"It is better to offer your organ to poor and needy people rather than let it dry in a coffin," was once said by the spiritual guru Dalia Lama, hailing the practice as 'a serious practice of dharma and the greatest service to mankind'. Organ Donation is a positive attitude towards death, and this was proved by a young Australian NRI boy, who was just 7 years old. He insisted his parents to include him in organ donors list, when they grew up after learning about organ donation practice in his school. Unfortunately, he may not see his youth and old age, but 4 other people will.

An NRI couple from Sydney donated the organs of their late 7-year-old son Deyaan Udani, giving four people a fresh shot at life. The young boy recently passed away at a Mumbai hospital after suffering a blood clot on his brain. Deyaan and his parents and 9-year-old sister were to return to Sydney, Australia on January 22, but he collapsed just two hours before they were to leave for the international airport. The family was holidaying in India and thought his headaches could be related to travel fatigue so they rushed him to Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai where multiple clots were found in his brain.

The Jain family then moved him to P D Hinduja Hospital where surgery was performed but Deyaan did not respond and was declared brain dead. Setting aside their deep anguish the family was keen on donating his organs. His mother Milli said the family fulfilled their son’s last wish, "Coincidentally, this year itself my children had learnt about organ donation in school...Both of them said they would want to be donors when they grew up".

Deyaan, was a student of Quakers Hill Public School in Sydney's west, Australia.

Deyaan did not grow up sadly, but his heart was given to a 7-year-old girl, his kidneys to an 11 year old, and 15 year-old boys at Jaslok Hospital and his liver were transplanted to a 31-year-old man at Jupiter Hospital, all from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Organ donation, which is regarded as greatest service to mankind, in medical terms is the donation of a biological tissue or an organ of the human body from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation. 

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