American woman attends her 'Facebook son's' wedding in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur

American woman attends her Facebook son s wedding in Uttar Pradesh s Gorakhpur pardesi news 1459247787

An American citizen flew halfway across the world to attend the wedding of an Indian man who had befriended her on Facebook, proving that Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

‘Blood isn’t always thicker than water, but a social media connection can be’, aptly fit in the case of Krishna Mohan Tripathi from Gorakhpur. The 28-year-old from Gorakhpur recently got married and the ceremony was attended by a surprise guest from America, 60-year-old Mrs. Deb Miller.

Krishna Mohan Tripathi chanced across Deb Miller’s profile approximately four years ago, while surfing social networking site Facebook (FB). Soon both of them started exchanging their feelings. He gradually forged a deep bond with Miller who lives in California, the US, he had lost his mother during his teens, and Mrs. Miller also does not have any children.

"Facebook is a wonderful opportunity for people around the world to meet each other," said Miller but also adding the caveat that the social media tool like any other is only as good as the person who is using it.

As proof of their connection, Tripathi’s ‘Facebook mom’ accepted the invitation to his wedding on 30 January, and flew down to Delhi, after which she took a train to Gorakhpur. “I was surprised to receive a call from her on January 20,” said the ecstatic groom who went down with his relatives and neighbours to receive Miller at the Gorakhpur railway station. The wedding guests were also left with a pleasant surprise.   

Not only did Miller embrace Indian traditions by donning a golden Banarsi sari, she bestowed lavish gifts on the groom, her FB son and his bride. She gifted them jewellery worth Rs 25 lakh, as well as a 125-year-old ring that she had purchased from an auction house in Britain.

Miller left with promises to come back and visit the Taj Mahal with her FB son, also claiming she had fallen in love with India. She also took two dozen saris back with her as her returning gifts.

Tripathi, an aspiring lawyer, is currently studying in Awadh University in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh also plans to visit Miller in the US soon.

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