2 NRI Women accused of Shoplifting

2 NRI Women accused of Shoplifting pardesi news 1459247692

2 NRI Women accused of Shoplifting

Two women of Indian origin have been accused of taking away 155 razors worth $4,500 from a Walmart Store in the US.

The theft was recorded from a Walmart store on the Joe B Jackson Parkway in Murfreesboro city of Tennesssee State.

The security clipping showed two women, carrying a six year old child, stealing 155 razors from the personal grooming section in the store.
The women left the place from the entrance on the other side of Walmart with the child in tow. They made a quick exit from that area in a minivan.

The mystery is yet to unfold, as they are still to be identified and arrested. This is one of the several razor shoplifting cases reported in the past few months.

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