US NRI develops eco-friendly green building system

US NRI develops eco friendly green building system pardesi news 1459247785

An Indian-American engineer along with his son has developed a unique system which automatically cools the air as well as melts the snow using sun light and natural air.

An Indian-American Engineer Raj Parikh and his son Asit have developed a unique green building system - their home, which they call as the ‘Zenesis House’. This building has facilities which can automatically cool the air as well as melts snow using sun light and the natural air.

Their radically redesigned house in Paramus, New Jersey, does not has any air conditioner, or hot water heater, but the home has the ability to melt snow right off the driveway. Raj, CEO and chairman of the Metropolitan Building and Consulting Group of New York, and Asit, a Manhattan-based real estate agent, undertook a massive redesign of their Henry Street home in 2011 to create the greenest house in town, heated and cooled entirely by the sun and the earth.  "There's no combustion in this system. It's just the earth and the sun," says Asit.

They have designed a system that warms water to about 100 degrees using solar collectors and geothermal pumps. The house also has systems to collect rainwater and the snow it melts during winter storms. The water is piped underneath the driveway and walkways. This home, which is still work-in-progress, has cost them an estimated $250 per square foot.

The Parikhs hope to finish construction on the house by the Earth Day on April 22 and plan to invite the city students to tour the house as an example of their green building.

The Parikh family also says they’re in the process of patenting their eco-friendly house that has incredible economic benefits.

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