14 Indian American students reach Intel Science Talent finals in the US

14 Indian American students reach Intel Science Talent finals in the US pardesi news 1459247785

Intel Science Talent Search sees 14 Indian-American students in the finals.

Over a dozen NRI students have made it to the finals of the prestigious 2016 Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS) that brings US's top 40 brightest high school seniors to the competition, carrying a prize of $150,000.  

The 14 finalists include - Sanath Devalapurkar, Anjini Karthik, Anin Sayana, Pranav Srinivas and Maya Varma are from California, and Yashaswini Makaram and Amol Punjabi are from Massachusetts. Vikul Gupta is from Orlando, Maana Jagadeesan is from New Hampshire, Milind Jagota is from Pennsylvania, Shreya Menon is from Michigan, Kavya Ravichandran is from Ohio, Kunal Shroff is from Virginia and Sreya Vemuri is from Indiana.

Intel STS 2016 finalists are from 38 schools in 18 states. They were selected from 300 semifinalists and over 1,750 entrants.

"Finalists of the Intel Science Talent Search are the innovators of the future," said Maya Ajmera, the president and CEO of Society for Science & the Public, publisher of Science News and alumna of the Science Talent Search.

The Finalists' research projects include several topics from the inter disciplinary science courses including an advanced encryption system with applications in cyber security, a low-cost smart phone-based tool to diagnose respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and “green” cement produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This March will be the 75th anniversary of the Science Talent Search.

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