Divorce rate in India ranks lowest among all the countries of the world, says a report

Divorce rate in India ranks lowest among all the countries of the world says a report pardesi news 1459247784

A report says that divorce rate in India is only 1.1%, which is lowest among all the countries of the world. On lighter note, the study is a proof that India is the Most 'Tolerant' nation of the world!

Acknowledging India’s respect for its culture and social ethics, one can guess that India must be enjoying a low divorce rate. The core ideals of an Indian marriage probably help in making marriage bond stronger in the Indian system. But it will be more of pleasant surprise to know that the divorce rate in India ranks lowest among all the countries of the world.

Statistics reveals that only 1 out of 100 Indian marriages end up to a divorce which is quite low in comparison to America’s 50% of marriages turning into breakups.

The rate of divorce in India was even low in the previous decade, where only 7.40 marriages out of 1,000 marriages were annulled. The divorce rate in rural India is even lower in comparison to the Urban India.

The following figures will provide a better idea about the divorce rate in India with respect to global divorce rate:

Sweden – 54.9%       United States – 54.8%       Russia – 43.3%       United Kingdom – 42.6       Germany – 39.4%       Israel – 14.8%       Singapore – 17.2%       Japan – 1.9%       Srilanka – 1.5%       India – 1.1%

According to the latest data from the 2011 census, north Indian states along with the Maharashtra in the west, have the highest share of couples who are married for 40 or more years, making up 11-12% of all couples.

On the other hand, the entire north-east belt has less than 7% of such marriages, and in Meghalaya, just 4.1% of couples have been married for 40 years or more.

Across India, couples married for 40-plus years account for 10% of all couples.

Sociologists say the variation in duration of marriage across India has less to do with love and fidelity and more to do with customs and health. Also, as life spans are increasing married life is also getting longer.

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