Indian-origin fraudster ordered to pay back record amount in the UK

Indian origin fraudster ordered to pay back record amount in the UK pardesi news 1459247784

An NRI fraud ordered to repay 38.6 million pounds in the UK.

Indian-origin fraudster, Ketan Somaia dubbed as 'King Con' was ordered to pay back a record 38.6 million pounds to his main victim, entrepreneur Murli Mirchandani and British taxpayers by a Court in London, on January 12, 2016, in what is UK’s biggest private prosecution.  

London’s Old Bailey court in London has pronounced the judgment to the accused, who pretended to be a friend of the Hinduja brothers, to pay back the amount to his main victim and to British taxpayers.

Ketan Somaia, who was found guilty of fraud and was jailed for eight years in 2015, was ordered by the Court to pay up the amount or face an additional 16 years in prison.

The 53-year old was found guilty of nine out of 11 charges of obtaining money transfers by deception in 1999 and 2000. He gave the impression of being a successful businessman and had posed as a friend of the billionaire Hinduja brothers. He had claimed to own assets worth USD 500 million.

The fraud was UK’s biggest ever private prosecution, carried out on behalf of the entrepreneur Murli Mirchandani, the main victim, who obtained 500,000 pounds of public funds to continue his fight to recover the money he lost in the scam. 

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