Bollywood stands by Sunny Leone and thrashes journalist for the “insulting interview”

Bollywood stands by Sunny Leone and thrashes journalist for the insulting interview  pardesi news 1459247783

The most searched personality on internet of 2015 in India, got lot of support from Bollywood celebs after she faced the "insulting interview" with grace.

Sunny Leone effectively showed that how remaining poised and graceful can pull you through disparaging situations.

When she was asked to conduct an interview with a leading journalist on a national television she would have hardly expected that this interview rather than being a candid chat will translate into a grueling dialogue on her morality.

A national television, leading journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, badgered her on her past as a “porn star” and when unable to get a satisfying answer, he kept wandering on the subject throughout the interview.

He seemed shocked when Sunny claimed that she does not regret her decision of being porn star as every step that she has taken has brought her to this very fame. The journalist kept on trying to push the buttons to get reaction from the actress; on the other hand she answered all the questions with grace and dignity.  

Post the interview, the actor did confess she was hurt by the questions but walking out of the interview would have proved all the doubts raised by him. She further added “I will never back away. I will never let anyone get to me. I will never let anyone - man or woman - take me down. It was that spirit in me that made me continue with the interview”.

Bollywood supported Sunny Leone with even Amir Khan stating that she will love to work with Sunny, irrespective of her background and the past of any co-actor hardly matters to him.

Various Bollywood actors including the veteran Rishi Kapoor tweeted on online forum and admired how sunny handled the interview with an almost zenlike quality. She did not show her hurt and put a smiling face to all remarks, some of them may be termed as derogatory.

One of the online posts in support of Sunny says, “The interview was the classic example of how men decide to question a woman morality and try to impose his narrow minded view on the society. Kudos to the brave woman who slapped him with her dignity and poise!”

Sunny Leone has revealed that she did not expect the support that has poured in after the recent “insulting interview” and felt overwhelmed with the support. 

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