Indo Canadian among two held in Drug Seizure

Indo Canadian among two held in Drug Seizure pardesi news 1459247691

Indo Canadian among two held in Drug Seizure.

An Indian-origin man and his associate have been charged with several offences after cash, drugs, weapons and a stolen motorcycle were confiscated from their apartment in Canada's Calgary province.

Gurnazbir Singh Sandhu, 25, and his associate Richard Julies Rysdale, 28, were taken into custody from their Taradale city apartment with the help of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers.

The police were figuring out ways to deport Sandhu to India.
After a two-week investigation, drug unit officials were called to Sandhu's residence to conduct a search.

Both the residents were at home at the time of the search.
The police found 11,645 Canadian dollars cash, including 42 different types of foreign currency.

About 104 grams of an extremely addictive stimulant drug, Methamphetamine and over 11 grams of Cocaine were recovered.
The police also seized 57 undetermined pills that were sent to Health Canada for testing.

Apart from that, 3 bottles of steroids, 3 knives, 3 look-alike handguns, 7 cellphones were found.
A stolen Kawasaki ZX600 motorbike, packaging material were discovered in the fourth floor suite in which they were staying.

Sandhu and Rysdale were accused for the purpose of drug trafficking, possession of stolen property and having control of arms and ammunition for a dangerous purpose.

Sandhu was studying in British Columbia on a student visa that had expired 8 months ago, was also found guilty of breach of probation.


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