Turbaned NRI Sikh man thrown out of Donald Trump Rally

Turbaned NRI Sikh man thrown out of Donald Trump Rally pardesi news 1459247782

NRI thrown out of Donald Trump rally, for displaying a banner that read ‘Stop Hate’

A NRI Sikh man was forced to leave the wannabe Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa after he interrupted his speech by displaying a banner that read ‘Stop Hate’. The man started his peaceful protest when Trump was making his signature anti-Muslim speech.

The protest started when Trump was speaking about the twin-tower terrorist attack in New York, and the protestor waved his banner and said ‘Bye Bye Goodbye’. As the protesting Sikh was removed from the rally his supporters also jeered at him chanting USA USA USA,

The Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump also mocked at the protestor saying, "He wasn't wearing one of those hats was he? And he never will, and that's OK because we got to do something folks because it's not working," perhaps alluding to his turban.

Earlier in January only, a Muslim woman was also ejected from Donald Trump rally after silent protest. She was wearing a head scarf and loose fitting green shirt reading "Salam. I come in peace", she was peacefully standing looking at the podium as the rest of the crowd sat.

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