Punjabi brothers come to aid - turn water savers in US

Punjabi brothers come to aid turn water savers in US pardesi news 1459247691

Punjabi brothers come to aid - turn water savers in US

Disturbed over the extended spell of drought in California, US, two Punjabi brothers have come up with an original idea to conserve water.

A bill to make this a success is being discussed by lawmakers in the provincial assembly in Sacramento to give it an accurate shape.
Teenage brothers Rajvarun Singh Grewal, 16, and Arijeet Singh Grewal, 14, from Hanford in the Central Valley of California, have designed a bill that gives subsidy to state residents for substituting natural grass in their lawns with synthetic turf so that the water is conserved and proves to be beneficial to farmers.

This technique can help to deal with extreme drought conditions, which is a serious threat to agriculture. The bill was brought in by the Bakersfield assembly member Rudy Salas in February. The bill- AB603- if selected, would provide financial assistance to those who replace natural grass with synthetic grass.

Rajvarun said that they were encouraged by their father and did some research before they could present the idea to the lawmakers.
To gather wider public support, both brothers have created a Facebook page for their project called- 'Saving California Farms One Drop At A Time'.

Their father, Varinder Singh Grewal, said that it is really great to see the bill being introduced in the assembly. Varinder Singh Grewal moved to US from Mandi Ahmedgarh in Sangrur district of Punjab in 1991.

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